Canine Performance, Event Photography

All digital photos in a series of 3 or more for $50
(Minimum of 3 images. Images are as they appear in the slide gallery, no further retouching. Small size personal/social media use. No further discounts.)

Ordering Information

If you wish to order digital images or prints from any of these events,
please send an email containing the event name, a list of your selections and the type of digital files
and/or print sizes to:

We will get back to you promptly with a final price.

We accept

Once we have your order ready, we'll notify you and if you choose to pay via PayPal,
we'll send you a PayPal invoice. Alternatively, we can accept a personal check.


P  R  I  C  I  N  G


Small digital image for personal/online/social media use (not for advertising): $20

Larger-size digital image for personal use suitable for making prints up to 8x10 (not for advertising): $35

Full-size digital image for advertising: $50


5x7/5x8 - $15  •  8x10/8x12 - $25

Larger sizes available email us for prices.

(Plus shipping & handling)

Photo retouching available — email us for details.

All prints color-corrected. Standard print surfaces include glossy and lustre finishes. Matte spray also available.

• Digital files will be uploaded to this website and we'll send you a link for you to use to retrieve them upon completion of payment.

• All digital files for print and advertising will be of the highest resolution possible and will be corrected for exposure and color and cropped to your specification.
Digital files for print and advertising will be generated as an RGB TIF unless a different file format is requested.

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